Providing You With Options When You Are Behind On Your Mortgage

If the value of your home is worth less than the mortgage that you owe, a short sale may be the best remedy to settle your debt and relieve you of further financial strain.

At The Law Offices of George Russo & Associates, we provide short sale counsel and advice to individuals and families across New York City. Being behind on your mortgage can be a distressing time where it is easy to feel as though there is no way out. We can provide you with the legal representation necessary to get back on your feet.

Putting The Control Back In Your Hands

Whether you are unable to keep up on mortgage payments or the bank has threatened or started an action against you, it may feel as though all control is in the hands of your bank or lender. Our attorneys provide guidance on whether a short sale could be a possible solution when individuals are:

  • Having an issue with default
  • Facing or in foreclosure
  • Behind on their mortgage
  • Unable to keep up with a mortgage that has ballooned
  • Receiving default notices

In addition to these situations and more, interest rate variables can make for an uncertain market, which can only enhance the gravity of your situation. However, we are here to show you that you can do something about your predicament.

Addressing Your Concerns In An Uncertain Time

In a time filled with uncertainty and worry, we can provide answers to what you both need and want to know, including questions related to your mortgage, the involvement of the bank and the potential of foreclosure.

Our lawyers will address your concerns throughout a process that is different for everyone. We will advise you on negotiating, drafting documents and determining an exit strategy, including when you will have to move out and when the bank can take your house.

We know that your home is not just a piece of property to you. It is a place that you have established an emotional and physical connection to. However, if you are behind on your mortgage and distressed, a short sale could be in your best interests.

Learn If A Short Sale Could Be In Your Best Interests

If you are unable to keep up with your mortgage payments, our legal team will help you learn about the options available to you. Contact our Queens office to schedule a free consultation by calling 917-740-6964 or by reaching out to us online.