Finding A Solution When Your Loan Causes You Financial Distress

Many people are struggling in the current economic climate, having trouble paying their bills and falling behind on their mortgage payments. Others may be stuck in toxic loans that have only added to their financial distress.

If you are struggling to remain current on your mortgage or are in arrears, The Law Offices of George Russo & Associates can assist. As an experienced home loan modification law firm, our attorneys have assisted many New York homeowners through the complex and sometimes lengthy process of obtaining a modification of their mortgage.

Leading You On The Path To Financial Freedom

A mortgage or loan modification is a change to one or more of the terms of a mortgage loan. These changes are usually to the interest rate, monthly payment or length of the loan. The purpose of a loan modification is to allow the homeowner to reduce their monthly payments to avoid foreclosure and remain in their home.

Our lawyers are fully acquainted with the array of government and private lender programs currently available to struggling homeowners. Our knowledge and skill in this area has helped many of our clients save their homes and begin to find their way to financial freedom.

Consult With A Skilled Loan Modification Firm

Offering a free in-depth financial analysis with a confidential legal consultation, we will identify your issues and offer solutions based on our unique experience in dealing with your lender. Schedule a consultation with us at our office in Queens. Call us at 917-740-6964 or send us an email to get started.