Experienced Representation Can Help You Navigate The Recent Changes In Immigration Law

In response to the need for integrity and professionalism in the practice area of immigration law in New York, Attorney George Russo partnered with Anokye Blissett, Esq. Ms. Blissett focuses on immigration law and has been dedicated to the service of our clients seeking a pathway to the legalization and naturalization of their status within the complex system of our country's immigration laws.

Our office has been successful in assisting family members currently residing outside the United States obtain immigrant visas for entry into the United States. Many of our immigration clients currently reside here in the United States. If they have a qualifying relative, our office helps them to adjust their immigration status from "out of status" to that of a lawful permanent resident. We also handle adoption matters whether your new intending family member currently resides here or in their home country.

Do You Have Previous Immigration Violations?

Occasionally, an intending immigrant has had previous immigration violations and will require a waiver to ask the Government for "forgiveness" for these violations to enter the country or adjust his status. The Law Offices of George Russo & Associates can prepare this important package. Sometimes loved ones are placed in removal, formerly known as deportation proceedings, requiring legal representation to contest the attempted removal. This is an area of expertise for our law firm.

Becoming an American citizen is the ultimate goal for all immigrants of this great country. Being able to vote and to obtain governmental subsidies, if one falls upon difficult economic times, are just a few reasons why becoming a citizen is extremely important.

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With all the recent changes in immigration laws, there may be issues with your personal case for American citizenship, which you are unaware. Working with a knowledgeable immigration lawyer for the proper legal representation and guidance helps you reach your goal of becoming sworn in as a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. Allow The Law Offices of George Russo & Associates to work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the dream of becoming a naturalized citizen of the U.S.

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